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Tower of Fantasy: How to Use Old Vera Coin

Although Old Vera Coins are not used as valid currency in the Cyberpunk-themed city of Mirraria, they can still be used in selected Gachapon machines.




The latest area installment in Tower of Fantasy is the Cyberpunk-themed world of Vera. Opening up supply Pods in Vera’s wasteland desert grants you Old Vera Coins as well as doing some of the daily commissions.

With so many currencies the game throws at you, these coins can sometimes be confusing because each currency can only be used for specific shops, areas, and even events in the game.

In this guide, we will be showing you where to spend these old Vera coins so they won’t burn a hole in your inventory in Tower of Fantasy.

Using the Old Vera Coins in Tower of Fantasy

From the city in Mirroria, you will need to get from the reception area to Mirafleur Hall. That’s the central hub area of Vera city.

Take the Cruiser to Mirafleur Hall

From the teleporter, make your way to the end of the reception area. You will find a Cruiser terminal there.

Interact with it to take you to Mirafleur Hall in the centre of the city.

Go towards the Gachapon vending Machines

Once you reach Mirafleur Hall, go to the map location shown in the image above. That will lead to two Gachapon vending machines in that area.

Interact with it to spend Old Vera Coins

The limited Gachapon machine only accepts old Vera coins. If you have a bunch of these in your inventory, you might want to spend these for a chance to win prizes. We suggest you try to do your pulls by x10 than per piece.

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