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Tower of Fantasy: Who To Pick With Your SSR Selector

The GLOBAL Launch of Tower of Fantasy is here and a lot of players are speculating as to who to pull on for their free SSR Collector.




 Tower of Fantasy is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) but it’s not only that. Yes, you start by creating a Character in-game and there are quests and sub-quests in there but with weapons and companions and the mechanics on how to get them also makes it a Gacha game.

Who should you pick with your SSR Character Selector in Tower of Fantasy

Most of the time, you wouldn’t be able to grab the weapon of your choice. Instead, you would be purchasing Pull Draws for weapons. Think of those as lottery tickets where you get a chance to grab an item depending on the draw pool.

The SSR COLLECTOR, however, is a guaranteed pick. Once you use it, it lets you use the ticket to pick the character of your choice from the SSR pool. So that’s not a chance draw just a simple pick and grab.

With the Global Launch event, we get to farm Gold Nucleus and that would give us a guaranteed SSR character at 30 pulls and another one at 80 pulls. So to keep things simple, in the first week of the Global Launch we should have 2 SSR characters to get us started.

The optimal way to choose who to pick for your SSR Selector would be to see what the 2 SSR weapons are given. For you to progress through the game with ease it’s best to have all three types of characters for you to be able to switch through the best play style depending on the need.

For example, if you pull an SSR DPS character on 30 pull draws and then an SSR Support on the 80 pull draws, then it’s best to use your selector for an SSR Shieldbreaker to balance out your gameplay.

If in the case on both SSR pulls you get the same type, like say, 2 DPS then you are going to have to prioritize your selector in this order. SHIELD BREAK or Tank, DPS or attacker, and lastly SUPPORT or Healer.

Having a TANK, DPS, and support as SSR characters would give you a great start in your account since you would have a top-tier character in all roles. That would make clearing dungeons a lot easier and doing quest objectives and raids compared to an all support or all DPS SSR characters.

Depending on what you get on your random SSR pulls you would have a clear picture of what type of Weapon you should draw for your selector. Here, we shall be breaking down who would be the most optimal draw for each weapon type.

Shield breaker simulacra

For your Shield breakers, the best two choices for that would be KING or MERYL. This is all depending on what type of playstyle you are comfortable with. King is an absolute monster early game and he’s a really popular pick. But in the late game where boss and mob shields get tougher, that’s where MERYL shines. So for shield breakers, it’s a matter of choice of early game or late game optimal performance.

DPS Simulacra

For DPS, your best choices would be SAMIR or COBALT. Both start fairly balanced but cobalt shines the most once you get her to 3 stars and upward. So for the long haul ita best to go for Cobalt as your choice.

SUPPORT Simulacra

TSUBASA or CLAUDIA would be a great starting support Character for the support class. Depending on who you are comfortable with, both of them can carry you fairly through the early, mid and even end game once you level them up nicely.

So that’s about it. On your first playthrough, you would want to have a well-rounded class so you could switch roles and have great choices as you start early on. Once you get the feel of the game and are comfortable with the classes and weapon types you could then pick a weapon that you’re comfortable with and invest it all through the endgame.

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