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Tower of Fantasy: Schubert Vera Location

Find one of the list of targets for your world exploration




Tower of Fantasy’s 2.0 update introduces brand-new foes and bosses for us to take down. We may find these newly additional opponents in Vera, a new location that they created. Schubert is one of the foes you can encounter; we’ll show you where to find it in Vera.

Schubert Vera Location in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: ZaFrostPet

There are various enemy types in Tower of Fantasy. Anywhere you go, you can find regular mobs. You’ll earn an award when you defeat one of these special opponents for the first time. Additionally, after being defeated, the World Bosses have a chance to drop an SSR weapon or matrix.

The new region Vera also includes various special foes and mobs and two new world bosses. Another of them is the unique enemy, Schubert.

Locating the Unique Enemy Schubert

Credits: ZaFrostPet

Schubert may be found at the Saltwater Oasis. Go west after fast-traveling to Saltwater Oasis’ spacerift.

Schubert is located close to some trees. It is a white creature with what appears to be a mushroom for a head. Other creatures nearby resemble him, except they are brown in color. You can readily find Schubert from a distance.

It truly has a tremendous defense; thus, defeating it will be difficult. Therefore, it could be difficult for you to complete it quickly if you have a low combat score. By getting in touch with your friends or talking to the crew, you can defeat or try again later when you reach a higher combat score.

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