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Tower of Fantasy: How to Build King | King Guide

Each weapon has different attributes, elements, skills and attack patterns. Choosing a weapon is, in many ways, the important part of completing the game.




Today, we are going to guide you on how to build one of the powerful Simulacra in the Game, the Scythe-wielding pyro, King.

There are numerous videos, analyses, and guides on King. Not only is he a powerful shatter weapon, but he also sports high damage as well. All the hype and attention given to him is very much warranted.

Guide on How to Build King in Tower of Fantasy

What’s Great about King is his high shatter potential even early on in the game. As you level up his star level, his damage goes up, as well as his shield break capability. Using 2 to 3 attacks early in the game could shatter most enemy shields, stunning them, and leaving them open to attacks.

Weapon Passives

King’s weapon, Scythe of the Crow has an S rating for shatter. That makes him very useful with Tank Resonance where the added perk boosts up his shatter rating.

His skill Charge rating is at B, meaning, his weapon skill cannot be used often but it balances out since most of his damage is focused on attack combinations.

Being a flame-type element, king does continuous burn damage when his weapon is fully charged dealing burn damage equivalent to 58% of your attack for 8 seconds. With high shatter damage in the bag, he could also be an effective Damage dealer when using the Attacker Resonance where you sacrifice a bit of your shatter ability to boost your final damage.

Skills and Discharge

King’s skill, Mortal Coil, damages enemies around him for 499.9% of attacks. This is pretty useful when used as a combo ender especially when the enemies suffer from the shatter effect.

His Discharge Skill, Flaming Scythe removes all debuffs and creates a flaming Scythe upon switching to his weapon and dealing damage equal to 398.3% of his attack. He also summons flaming scythes every  2 seconds that deal fire damage to about 66% of your attack that also launches them.

At 1200 awakening he heals 8% of his max Hp after killing 7 enemies. at 4000 awakenings, he restores 10% equal to his max Hp on every 5 enemies he kills.

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