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Tower of Fantasy: Collect 3 Pieces of Desert Ore Guide

Collect this to finish the side mission.




Vera will be a new region in the recently updated Tower of Fantasy. We can finally complete the main story mission in the game’s 2.0 update. New foes, NPCs, World Bosses, missions, and many more will be encountered as you explore the new area.

One of the Vera missions you can complete is collecting ores from the desert. We’ll demonstrate where to look for it.

Collect 3 Pieces Desert Ore Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Source: ZaFrostPet

It is worth remembering that Tower of Fantasy has a daily level cap. You won’t continue to get experience when you hit the level cap for that day.

However, it’s also OK if you’re not one of the die-hard players who absolutely must achieve the level cap. You can complete certain side missions if you pursue them and catch up with them.

One of the things that might earn you a ton of experience is side quests. They appear as a blue exclamation icon on the map.

To obtain 100% completion, there are also required side quests. However, the quest where you need to obtain Desert Ores is one of the not-required side missions.

Obtaining all 3 Pieces Desert Ore

Source: ZaFrostPet

This brand-new side mission is available in Vera. You must visit this place and collect 3 Desert Ores. You can fast-travel to the quest area if you unlock the spacerift in the Silent Oasis.

These are the desert ore specimens that you must gather. They are indicated by a blue diamond icon on your map. This side mission is given by Cobalt-B.

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