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Tower of Fantasy: Ruin D-02 Password

The Ruin D-02 is one of the ruins in Tower of Fantasy that you can enter for some nice rewards. However, you need to enter the password into an electronic lock inside the area to access those rewards.




You can find a handful of dungeons in Tower of Fantasy with the Ruin theme. One such dungeon is Ruin D-02 where a nice reward is waiting for you at the end. However, in order to access the reward, you need to enter the password to its electronic lock first.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can do that.

Ruin D-02 Password in Tower of Fantasy

Long story short, the password to the electronic lock is 2887. If you’re wondering how we got that password, there are actually hints that you can find in the area.

First, you want to head over to the Damaged Terminal which you can find near the bandits. Interact with the terminal to prompt it to give you a Coded Clue which is xx87. With this, you only need two more digits to uncover the password.

To get the remaining two digits, head over to the second Damaged Terminal. You can get there by closing the valve to drain the water and then going downstairs. Interacting with the terminal will give you the remaining clue which is 28xx.

Basically, you just have to combine them to get the 2997 password.

With the password, head over to the locked door and enter the password. Afterward, get inside and activate the pyramid.

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