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Tower of Fantasy: How to Solve All the Puzzles | Dandelions, Jumping Pads, Volcano and More

The world of Tower of Fantasy is full of excitement and Easter eggs. Here is how to solve them.




The world of Tower of Fantasy is full of amazing puzzles that you need to solve in order to get a reward, usually a chest. These are not specific puzzles that are tied to a quest. They are just general items that you’ll find across the map, where interacting with them in the right way will give you a reward.

Completing all of these mini-puzzles will significantly increase your in-game progress.

So, let’s find out more about all the puzzles hidden in the world of Tower of Fantasy.

Dandelions Puzzle Solution

The Dandelions will be scattered across the map, and you’ll be able to find them quite a lot. In order to complete this puzzle, you nit to hit the Dandelions, and they will start to float.

In most cases, two of them will go in the air and one will go on the ground. The goal is to hit the one with the black center. You can shoot at it, or jump up and hit it in order to get the summon.

If you’ve already interacted with the Dandelions, it will take some time for them to grow back, but you can no longer obtain a summon.

Jumping Pods (Mushrooms) Puzzle Solution

This is quite a straightforward puzzle. Basically, there will be a couple of jumping pods in one place and the goal here is to jump on them in the right sequence in order to reveal the reward.

In most cases, the sequence is jumping from the smallest to largest, but there are some on the map that work in a different way.

Just to make sure that you are doing it right, the Mushroom should start to glow at the top. If you make a mistake, the glow will disappear and you’ll have to start again.

Orbs Inside the Chowchow Flower

This is another easy puzzle that will require you minutes to solve. Basically, these are hungry plants that require you to feed them with the right orb that can be found around them. Once you throw the right orb into the plant, it is going to spit up a summon for you.

Jump Smash Pads

Some of the pads around the place will require a certain mechanic in order to reveal the reward. The top of the pads will have a symbol that requires you to do a certain movement. In most cases, these pads will require you to jump in the air and smash the ground.

However, in order to do a dive attack (jump and smash) you’ll need the right weapon. Once you have a weapon that has the dive attack, you should jump and hit the dive attack over the pod. This will unlock the summon.

Volcano Pods

After the second zone, you’ll encounter many Volcano pods with lava in them. In order to get the reward, you’ll need to have an ice weapon.

Once you get an ice weapon, you should head on top of these mini-Volcanos and hit them with your weapon. This will get rid of the lava revealing your summon.

Ice Trees

Drifting further into the game, you’ll find interactive trees with glowing spot on them, especially in the snowy region. Once you get to a such tree, all you need to do is interact with it where you’ll have to play a mini-game.

The mini-game is very simple involving a dropping crystal and your job is to avoid the lines. Once you get to the bottom, you’ll get your reward.

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