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Tower of Fantasy: Find Felton and Explain the Clues Walkthrough and Password

If you love doing Side-Quests as much as we do, then you have a pretty good idea when people in game start asking what the password for Felton is.




This particular password is for the Fireworks Prep Side Quest in Tower of Fantasy. when the game prompts you to look for the clues to decode them, head on over to Loen Dock.

Walkthrough on finding Felton and Explain the Clues and Password for Tower of Fantasy

As you get off the space rift, search around until you find a document that would let you know that due to the Hyenas keep forgetting the password, all the passwords would be changed to 1234. With that in the bag, all you need to do is report your findings.

Head over to the Banges Dock and see Felton. After the conversation, you should be getting a Numpad on your screen. Just type the password 1234 and you’re all set.

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