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Tower of Fantasy: Elemental Supply Pod Puzzle Vera Plane Guide

To solve the elemental supply pod puzzle in Vera Plane, you have to directly destroy their golden cores.




One of the exciting things that players can look forward to in every new update in Tower of Fantasy is new puzzles. In the new Vera Plane area, you will come across these elemental supply pods that will contain a variety of exciting loots inside.

But in order to get those loots, you have to solve the puzzle first. Let’s find out how to do this.

Elemental Supply Pod Puzzle Vera Plane Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: Mobile Game

The puzzle to open these elemental supply pods is actually fairly easy to solve. While the game will tell you to use elemental attacks to unlock the pod, that’s not the full solution. Instead, you have to look for the cores in each elemental supply pod.

Then, you have to destroy those cores in order to unlock a pod.

Each elemental supply pod will have four cores that you can find within a certain radius of the supply pod. You need to destroy those cores with an elemental attack that corresponds to their color.

For example, a red core can be destroyed with Flame attacks, purple core with Volt attacks, and so on.

Credits: Mobile Game

You can find most of these cores floating up in the air, so you’ll have to look upward for the most part to spot them.

After destroying all cores, simply head back to the supply pod and interact with it to obtain the loots.

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