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Tower of Fantasy: Track Down the Grayspace Entities Guide

Locate the Grayspace Entities and defeat it.




After the 2.0 release, there are new quests in Tower of Fantasy. The main quest will also continue in this way. Vera is a new area that is included in the 2.0 version update. The following key story quest will take place here.

As you complete the main story objectively, you will battle brand-new foes and run into brand-new NPCs that are either friends or foes. Finding Grayspace Entities is one of the objectives you can complete, and we’ll teach you how to do it.

Track Down Grayspace Entities Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Credits: ZaFrostPet

In the Tower of Fantasy, there are brand-new foes known as abyssants. They are space-traveling Grayspace Entities. When you complete the objective to travel to Mirroria, you will come across the strongest of them—a grayspace entity that resembles a whale.

More quests related to the main story will become available after visiting Mirroria. You can pick up the mission to find Grayspace Entities here.

Completing the Quest Tracking Down Grayspace Entities

Credits: ZaFrostPet

After locating Samir and Huma and the eggs of Grayspace Entities, you will begin this mission. Following that, quest marks will appear on your map.

Until you locate the Grayspace Entities, you must follow the mission marks.

Here, the Grayspace Entities will come to a halt. To continue with the quest, you must defeat it. To beat this adversary, you must locate its True Body because it will break into several pieces.

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