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Tower of Fantasy: How to Level Up Fast | Leveling Guide

Level up fast to dominate the game.




In Tower of Fantasy, some game modes and the Suppressor upgrades are unlocked when you reach the required level. But levels can be challenging to grind, since here is a daily level cap, making it hard to reach a high level upon starting the game. But there are a few tricks you can employ to level up faster in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Level Up Fast in Tower of Fantasy

As you reach a higher level in Tower of Fantasy, you need more EXP to level up your character. For example, the amount of EXP needed to level up from level 41 to 42 is 456,293. If you’re in this level, you might think it’s going to take you a long time to reach 42.

One of the biggest sources of EXP are the main missions or story quests, but what if you have finished everything and still haven’t reached the level cap? Don’t worry, we got you! There are three more ways to farm for EXP.

Leveling Guide

The first method to get more EXP is by doing Bounties. Every day, you are going to receive 4 tasks, which reward you with EXP and in some instances, Gold Nucleus.

The second method is by dining in at Mia’s Kitchen. You can only do this 3 times a day, as if eating your meals there. Eating food in Mia’s Kitchen will not only give you a random buff, but also rewards you with EXP.

Lastly, you can gain a lot of EXP by clearing a Ruin. In each region, there are 3 Ruins, which can either be Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulties. Inside, you are going to find chests, which you must open to achieve a 100% completion. The easy difficulty has 2 chests, the medium has 4 chests, and hard has 6 chests.

All of these methods in getting EXP can be accessed through the Adventure Section. Click on the adventure icon found on the left side of the shop icon, on the upper right of the screen. Select the Recommended tab and you will find them there.

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