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Tower of Fantasy: Weapons Guide | Everything You Need to Know

What kinds of weapon are found in Tower of Fantasy




Tower of Fantasy is going to launch globally on August 10. It is an open-world action MMORPG set upon a post-apocalyptic sci-fi, in an anime-styled planet called Aida. Learn what weapons are available in the game and choose which suits you here.

Everything You Need to Know Weapons Guide in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, you pull in the weapon banner and get weapons that come along with a character. These weapons may be an R tier, SR tier, or SSR tier.

There are two types of Weapon Banners: the Standard and the Limited Banner. There is a pity system in both banners, and you will get a guaranteed SSR in 80 pulls. Characters, on the other hand, are like the “skins” of these weapons.

Every pull you do in the standardwill give you a golden token that will allow you to retrieve an SSR weapon. But to claim the weapon, you will need to have a copy of that weapon first.

In the limited banner, the chances are always 50:50, and you will get a red token you can use to retrieve the featured weapon.

Weapon Guide

Every weapon has 5 types of attack: normal, dash, aerial, charge, and ultimate attack, and possesses the so-called weapon resonance that gives you an extra buff.

Each weapon also has a shatter rate that shows how fast you can break an opponent’s shield and a charge rate that charges your ultimate attack faster.

Negating Cub

The first weapon is the Negating Cube with the character Zero. He is a fire element support/healer. He is helpful in PvE and his healing scales with the amount of attack you have. You need 2 copies of him to activate his heal.

Icewind Arrow

The second weapon is the Icewind Arrow that the character Tsubasa uses. She is an ice element and a DPS. She has a high charge rate. Her dash attack will make her launch 3 arrows, and doing it at a close range will make it easier to freeze an opponent, and breaking an opponent’s freeze will do more damage to an opponent. Her ultimate is a ring of ice showers.

Dual EM Stars

The third character is Samir with the Dual EM Stars weapon. She is a volt element and a DPS. She highly focuses on aerial attacks, which consume stamina. She deals damage over time, and her ultimate will remove every debuff. Dual EM Stars are 2 pistols.

Rosy Edge

The next weapon is Rosy Edge with the character Meryl. She is an Ice element and is defense oriented. She has one of the highest shatter rates in the game. She is not that good with her ice element and does not deal that much damage due to her defense orientation.

Scythe of the Crow

Another character is King with the weapon Scythe of the Crow. He is a fire element and a DPS who focuses on aerial attacks. He has an inframe on his Aerial attack.


The next is Crow or Karasuma with the weapon Thunderblades. He is a Volt element DPS. He also focuses more on aerial attacks, and his weapons are dual blades.

Molten Shield V2

Huma is with the weapon Molten Shield V2. She is a defense oriented and a flame element. She has a unique mechanic that turns her shield into an Ax when activating her skill. Her dash attack in shield mode stuns enemies.

Absolute Zero

Next is Cocoritter with the weapon Absolute Zero. She is a support/healer under the Ice element. Her ultimate removes all debuff and heals. Her skill heals allies inside the zone. Like Zero, raising her attack will also increase the amount she heals.

Chakram of the Seas

Next is Shiro, a ranged DPS, who uses the weapon Chakram of the Seas. She is a physical type, but is one of the most underwhelming characters.

Guren Blade

Claudia has the katana weapon called Guren Blade. She is a DPS under the Physical element.

She has an excellent normal attack, aerial attack and skills. Her ultimate attack charges a lot faster than other ultimate.

Blazing Revolver

Cobalt-B has a cannon-type weapon called Blazing Revolver, and she is a DPS in the Flame element. You can charge her weapon up to 5 times, dealing more damage. Her skill will make a cone-shaped attack that allows you to move.


Next is Nemesis with the weapon Venus. She is a support/healer and a Volt element. Her weapon dishes out plasma bullets that damage enemies. When she dashes, she heals herself and her allies. Her Ultimate slows enemies.


Frigg is with the sword weapon Balmung. She is an Ice element and a DPS with an infinite dash. Her skill has an inframe, and produces an ice field that will allow her to do her infinite dash as long as she is inside the ice field.


Next is Ruby with the weapon Sparky, another fire element DPS. She has 2 weapons: Sparky and the doll she holds called Dolly. She has a flame resonance that will buff her fire damage by 20% when equipping 2 fire weapons. Her attack is a beam attack, while her ultimate is a bigger version of the beam.

Ryusen Toshin

The last Character is Saki Fuwa with the weapon Ryusen Toshin. She can change from DPS to Defense and is an Ice element. Her attacks are different in DPSmode and defensemode. But most players mainly use her asDPS. She also has an Ice resonance that will buff her Ice damage by 20% when using 2 Ice weapons.

There are 3 weapons or characters found in the Chinese server but not yet confirmed to come out in the official global server of the game. These are:

Bai Yuekui with the weapon Alaya. She is a Volt element and DPS. She is not good at normal attacks, but her charged attacks deals decent amount of damage.

The second character is Mark with the Dawn weapon. Possessing a pistol and a knife, he has physical element and is defense oriented. When Markuses his skills, he will summon a mecha armor that will change his game style. Lastly, his ultimate attack allows him to send a missile barrage.

The last one is Lin/Lin Ye. She has the fifth element that will copy whichever element your first 2 weapons have. But the weapon will only copy the higher element stat. She can fly around the air using her skills.

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