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Tower of Fantasy: Taste of the Sea Walkthrough

Taste of the Sea is one of the many side quests you can find in Tower of Fantasy. In this one, you’ll be tasked with finding three Portunids on the beach.




As with most RPGs, Tower of Fantasy never runs short on side quests. In fact, you’ll come across tons of NPCs throughout the world who will have their own optional side quests. That said, one of these side quests is called Taste of the Sea which is given to you by Jupiter.

Let’s have a look at what this side quest is all about and how you can complete it.

Taste of the Sea Walkthrough in Tower of Fantasy

For this particular side quest, you will have to look for Jupiter who you can find in this area on the map:

Once you get there, simply look for Jupiter and speak with him. He will tell you something about sharing a local secret stating that the Portunids have the most delicious meat in the world. Then, he’ll suggest you catch a few Portunids to try cooking them.

After accepting the quest, what you need to do is catch three Portunids. You can find a lot of them along the shores of the area. These are tiny crabs that are relatively easy to find and catch.

After catching three Portunids, return to Jupiter and he will give you another task which is to catch two Dabry’s sturgeons.

To find these sturgeons, you want to head over to the huge river that runs through the center of the map. Dive into the river and look for fish swimming in the water. One of them will be the Dabry’s sturgeon. However, they can be a bit rare to find. Hence, you might have to spend a bit more time on this part.

Once you have caught two sturgeons, go back to Jupiter to complete the quest and receive the rewards.

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