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Tower of Fantasy: Matrices Guide | How to Pull the Right Way

Matrices are basically Chips that you insert into your weapons to make them even more powerful. However, using them the right way can be a bit complicated for beginners.




Each weapon comes with up to four slots where matrices go. These matrices are basically power-ups that will vastly increase your weapon’s overall power. However, matrices aren’t just focused on increasing overall damage.

Some even provide additional utility to make for some really fun and exciting gameplay. That said, if you’re a bit unfamiliar with how matrices work, this guide is for you.

Matrices Guide in Tower of Fantasy

As mentioned earlier, a weapon comes with four slots where matrices go. However, these matrices are categorized into four different types which are as follows:

  • Mind – Increases your critical and elemental attacks
  • Memory – Increases your HP and elemental attacks
  • Belief – Similar to Memory, increases HP and elemental attacks
  • Emotion – Increases elemental resistances and elemental attacks

Apart from that, matrices also come in four different rarities, ranging from green and blue to purple and then gold. However, green, blue, and purple matrices will require at least 3 of the same matrix in order to trigger their effect.

On the other hand, gold will require 2 of the same matrix for the first effect and another 2 for the second effect. So basically, you will need 4 similar matrices in order to maximize the effect that they give.

Matrices will also have stars that will determine how strong their effect will be. Each matrix will come with a base of 0 star which you can improve all the way up to 3 stars.

As of now, matrices are rated as SSR, SR, and R depending on their effectiveness. Some are only exclusive in the Chinese which is a shame since they actually provide some really amazing effects.

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