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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get a Vehicle | The Chaser

Get the fancy mount called The Chaser in Tower of Fantasy




Mounts or Vehicles in Tower of Fantasy are a good addition to your awesomeness and aesthetics in the game. It doesn’t only make you fancy; it also provides you with movement speed buffs that makes traveling the world of Aida easier. We will show you how to get the Chaser, one of the most popular vehicles found in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get the Vehicle The Chaser in Tower of Fantasy

The Chaser is divided into two parts: the lower and the upper. The former can be found on top of a rusty pink head tower, and the latter can drop randomly from the vermin brothers. You can get the Chaser on the first day of your gameplay.

Locating the Upper and Lower Parts

There are 4 vermin brothers you need to defeat until you obtain the lower part. It can be tricky because the lower part has a low drop rate, so it will take a lot of your time to get it.

The first vermin brother is easy, but the 2nd to the 4th ones are a little tricky to fight due to their high level. Using a hit-and-run approach is a way to defeat them.

The upper part can be found on the location shown on the map. It is located on top of the rusty pink head tower.

Go inside the building and go up the stairs. On top of it is a golden orb that will give you the upper piece.

Combining the pieces will grant you the Chaser vehicle, which looks like a hoverboard.

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