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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Institute Key Card

The Institute Key Card is an item that you need to collect in the new 1.5 update in Tower of Fantasy in order to gain access to a transmission device.




There are lots of new items to collect and locations to visit in the new 1.5 update in Tower of Fantasy. One of them is the North Gemini Island which you can find in the eastern part of the region. However, in order to get to this island, you’ll need to collect several Institute Key Cards first.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get Institute Key Cards and where to use them.

How to Get Institute Key Card in Tower of Fantasy

To get Institute Key Card, you need to farm the Angry Aberrants which you can find in certain locations around the Artificial Island. Specifically, you can find them in areas with the animal head icon on your map.

The most common areas where they spawn are as follows:

  • Deserted Water Treatment Plant
  • Feiyun Mountain
  • Introduction to the Station
  • Mysterious Tetriso Ruins
  • Pavilion Beach
  • Natural Dragon Tumulus
  • Stone Mountain

Just keep in mind that the Angry Aberrants are not guaranteed spawns. In most cases, they will rotate within the locations above, so I highly recommend switching between locations if you want to farm them for the cards.

Also, this means that you’ll have to farm a number of these monsters until they drop the item. Once you have obtained an Institute Key Card, you just have to look for the transmission device which is east of Deserter Water Treatment Plant.

Activate the transmission device, and it will then teleport you to North Gemini Island.

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