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Tower of Fantasy: How to Obtain Repair Tool Set

The Repair Tool Set is one component required for obtaining the ‘Colossus Arms’ Relic later on in the game – you’ll also need to complete the Hyena’s Base quest in Banges. However, before embarking on the quest, you’ll need to obtain 2 Toolsets.




Before you advance on to completing the mission to obtain the SSR- Attack Type Relic ‘Colossus Arms,’ you’ll need to obtain two ‘Toolsets,’ in addition to some other items which we cover in our entry to Navia Bay Dome guide.

So, how exactly do you obtain a repair tool set in Tower of Fantasy? These Toolkits can be obtained by purchasing a ‘Fine Gift’ from the training points store. Let’s get into a more comprehensive breakdown of what you’ll need to do to obtain them.

How to Obtain a Repair Tool Set in Tower of Fantasy

The first step is to access a Training Facility in Tower of Fantasy. There are many components of Tower of Fantasy and ways in which you can further your character’s progression – one of these is through said ‘Training Facilities.’

These will reflect on your map as mechanical-looking containers, and appear the same when you see them in-game in Aida. See the picture below to get a better idea of what to look out for.

To start upon a ‘training course,’ you will first need to locate one of these Training Facilities. Once you’ve completed a training course, you will be awarded “Training Points,” which can then be used specifically in the ‘Points Shop’ as a currency. In this store, you can purchase items that can be used to upgrade your gear, or in this case – purchase a ‘Fine Gift.’

These gifts can normally be used to awaken Simulacra, as they have corresponding matching ‘tags’ and can provide awakening points of a higher magnitude based on the matching tags of your Simulacra.

However, in the case of these required toolsets – these will be used to repair broken machinery you are going to encounter in the quest line you need to complete to obtain the Colossus Arms. 

The toolkit is one of the options you can select after purchasing the ‘Fine Gift’ from the points store – you’ll need to do at least two training courses to get the points required for purchasing two Fine Gifts from the store. Complete some more Training Facility missions if you don’t have enough currency.

Once in your menu, you can ‘Use’ the Fine Gift once brought up in your Backpack – redeem them for ‘Toolset’ from the available options.

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