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Tower of Fantasy: New Update 2.0 Walkthrough | New Character, Area, Vehicles, and More

Learn about the upcoming update for Tower of Fantasy.




Tower of Fantasy has just recently uploaded a sneak peek video for version 2.0, and players are sent into a frenzy! The video shows a new map in a desert, more enemies and bosses, soon-to-be-released characters, and many more. We are going to tell you all you need to know about this upcoming update in Tower of Fantasy.

New Update 2.0 Walkthrough, New Character, Area, Vehicles, and More in Tower of Fantasy

The upcoming update in Tower of Fantasy has no released date yet, but the video shows us many features we can expect in the upcoming update. We are going to get a new area, Vera, set in a vast desert area. There are also new mounts, a new flying fish boss, and a city called the Mirror City.

Things to Look Forward to In Tower of Fantasy

In the video, there are at least 2 new characters shown: Lin (SSR) and Ruby (SSR), but we already know that Lyra (SSR) is also going to come out in the future.

The arrival of Lin introduces a new element, the Aberration element.  This element has the effect of leaving a mark on an enemy that explodes after 5 seconds, dealing 25% of damage dealt up to a maximum of 560% of ATK.

We also have Ruby, an SSR character with the fire element. She has a fire resonance that buffs fire damage as long as you equip 2 fire weapons at the same time.

Then there’s Lyra, which shares the same resonance, but with the physical element. There are many more things to expect, but for now, these are the features we can deduce based on the sneak peek.

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