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Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Weapon Attack Descriptions

Learn all of your weapon’s capabilities with attack descriptions.




Tower of Fantasy has a unique array of weapons, including words are fast in the attack, hammers that can pack a punch against enemies, and ranged weapons that can either be a cannon, pistols, or a bow. Each weapon has attack descriptions, and we are going to show you how to find them.

Where to Locate All Weapons Attack Descriptions in Tower of Fantasy

Weapons in Tower of Fantasy has the following rarities:

  • Blue for the Rare(R) rarity
  • Violet for the Super Rare(SR) rarity
  • Gold for the Specially Super Rare(SSR) rarity

They also have the following elements:

  • Volt Element
  • Fire Element
  • Ice Element
  • Physical Element

Each weapon possesses a Shatter and Charge rate. Shatter rate is how fast a weapon can break an enemy’s shield, while charge rate is the speed of charging the weapon. There are also weapon combos that can be found in the Attack Description, and you can find them in the weapon section.

Locating the Weapon Attack Descriptions

The weapon section shows you various information, including how much Combat Score (CS) value it has, abilities, and many more. Below the picture of the weapon is a Magnifying Glass icon, click on it to show the Weapons Attack Descriptions.

The Weapon Attack Descriptions contain all of the weapon moves and how much damage it can inflict. It is divided into four categories:

  • Normal
  • Dodge
  • Skill
  • Discharge

You can only find all attack combos available for the Normal and Dodge categories.

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