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Tower of Fantasy: How to Use Black Nucleus

The Black Nucleus is one of the various currencies you can earn throughout your adventures in Tower of Fantasy. You use it to have a chance at obtaining an SSR character via the gacha banner.




The Black Nucleus is one of the three types of Nucleus you can obtain in the game, the other being Gold and Red. Despite being the same type of currency, they actually have a bit of a difference when it comes to how they work.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can use the Black Nucleus currency in the game.

How to Use Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

Basically, you use a Nucleus to have a chance at obtaining some powerful weapons via the Special Orders. However, unlike the Red and Gold versions, it doesn’t offer a guaranteed roll as it has no Pity System. In fact, the Black Nucleus has the lowest rate of the three, with just an overall rate of 0.3% to obtain an SSR weapon.

To use it, simply head over to the Special Orders tab in the menu. Here, click on the Black Nucleus cache in order to switch the rolls to use the Black Nucleus currency. After that, you just have to choose from either Order x1 or Order x10. This will depend on the number of Black Nucleus that you have.

Depending on your order, you will then receive a handful of items that were randomly generated.

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