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Tower of Fantasy: All Guanglong Locations

Find one of the new enemies in Tower of Fantasy.




The version 1.5 update of Tower of Fantasy introduces the new area, Artificial Island, along with new side quests and enemies that you can encounter. One of the monsters is the Betrayer Guanglong, and we are going to show you where you can find him.

All Guanglong Locations in Tower of Fantasy

The Betrayer Guanglong appears in Artificial Island, and you need to unlock the area before you can find the enemy. Talk to Kolador in Banges Port and ask him to bring you to the new island. You also need to have at least reached level 50 and started chapter 2 in the main storyline.

Guanglong’s Location

There are two locations for you to fight and defeat Betrayer Guanglong. First, you can find him on the west of the Ring Arena. He is near the metal stairs just before the camp. His next location is near the Spacerift southwest of the Ring Arena.

Guanglong is a humanoid that is like a mixture of an aberrant and machine and uses the sword as its primary weapon. At level 70, it is one of the harder mobs to defeat in the game.

In defeating Guanglong, you need a healer in your party as it can kill you if you do not bring one with you. Additionally, is quite agile while attacking with his sword, so be careful. If you defeat him for the first time, you are going to unlock the Guanglong achievement.

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