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Tower of Fantasy: Venomfang Echidna Location

Find the unique sandworm and defeat it.




On October 20, Tower of Fantasy received a version 2.0 update. The update will introduce us players to a brand-new place, Vera. Given that it is in the desert, you should exercise caution when visiting because sandstorms and quicksands could develop.

We’ll show you where to find the Venomfang Echidna, an enemy that has been added to the new version.

Venomfang Echidna Location in Tower of Fantasy

Source: ZaFrostPet.

A unique enemy can be found in the Tower of Fantasy. They are a more powerful variant of a certain monster. They have names as well.

Vera will bring with her some new enemies and some unique ones. One of those is the Venomfang Echidna, which dwells in it.

Finding the Venomfang Echidna

Source: ZaFrostPet.

A rare sandworm is the Venomfang Echidna. It is more powerful and larger than a typical sandworm. If your cs is low, you might find it difficult to defeat it. To beat it, you can enlist the aid of your friends or the crew.

When you defeat a special enemy for the first time, you’ll earn an achievement and 10 Dark Crystals for doing so.

Source: ZaFrostPet.

West of Mirroria or to the north of Silent Oasis is where you can find the Venomfang Echidna. You must wait for it to emerge from the sand when you arrive there.

The flame element makes it weak. It is challenging to defeat since it may dive into the sand, making it dodge your attacks.

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