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Tower of Fantasy: All 3 Rock Pillar Gobby Scenic Points Locations

The Rock Pillar Gobby is a desert area in the new Vera region that contains 3 scenic points scattered in various locations.




The new Vera region has plenty of interesting areas waiting for players to explore. Of course, this also means a bunch of new scenic points that you can discover throughout your adventure. One such area in the Vera Plane is the Rock Pillar Gobby which has a total of 3 scenic points.

Let’s find out where those scenic points are located in the area.

All 3 Rock Pillar Gobby Scenic Points Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Rock Pillar Gobby is the area that occupies the upper half of Vera Plane. Here, you can find the following locations alongside their scenic points:

Billows Valley – Broken Billows Valley Bridge

Credits: ZaraFrostPet

This scenic point will point toward the huge broken bridge that you can find in Billows Valley. Simply interact with the scenic point that’s at the edge of the cliff as shown in the image above.

Evil’s Clutch Oasis

Credits: ZaraFrostPet

Next is the Evil’s Clutch Oasis which will capture the beautiful and breathtaking oasis. To find its scenic point, you’ll want to head over to the location in the image.

Once you get there, simply go all the way down to find the scenic point near the shore of the oasis.

Saltwater Oasis

Credits: ZaraFrostPet

The last location is yet another oasis, the Saltwater Oasis, that you can find to the left of the Evil’s Clutch Oasis. Once you get there, go down and find the huge flat stone just right next to the shore of the oasis.

The scenic point will be sitting on top of it.

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