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Tower of Fantasy: All Developer Log Locations on Artificial Island

Find all the Developer Logs to finish the quest.




The 1.5 update of Tower of Fantasy introduces new features, including the new area, Artificial Island, along with a new character and events. When you travel to Artificial Island, you are going to receive a mission where you need to find Developer Logs. We are going to show you how to find them.

All Developer Log Locations on Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy

If you want to travel to the Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy, you need to achieve the following requirements:

  • Reached Chapter 2 in the main storyline
  • Level 50 and above with your character

Go to Kolador in Banges Port and talk to him to travel to Artificial Island. When you are on the island, Kolador will ask you to find 10 Developer Logs.

Obtaining the Developer Logs

Before obtaining the Developer Logs, there are portals available in Artificial Island. They are blue portals that instantly transports you to a different location. The following are the locations of the 10 Developer Logs:

The first developer log is near the landing pad from where you just spawned for the first time. Get inside the blue portal to land on top of the Developer Log.

On the left of the landing pad, there is a slope, jump down to it to obtain the Developer Log next to a tree surrounded by tall grass.

The next Developer Log is in the Rusty Iron Camp. It is located on the spaceship, under a canister. Pick up the canister and throw it away to obtain the Log.

From the location of the third log, go south. When you see big bones go down to them and follow the road. You are going to find a fork ahead, pick the left side, and climb up the slope. Go straight and stick to the wall until you find a breakable rock. Go through the red portal and jump on the edge to get the Log.

The fifth Developer Log is found close to the Spacerift: Dock Entrance. Teleport to it and go in the Northwest direction. You are going to find the Developer Log in the middle of a path close to a Rusty Box.

The next Developer Log is north of the fifth Log. Go north until you reach the Camp. Go close to 3 boxes and destroy them to obtain the Developer Log.

The seventh Developer Log is close to the lake from the west of the landing pad. There is a small rock pillar and behind it is the Log.

South of the 7th Developer Log is the location of the next one. Go to the Camp, the Log is in a corner close to the Golden Supply Pod.

The ninth Developer Log is west of the landing pad. It is found on the guidepost.

The last Developer Log is in the Mine Base Camp. Inside the camp close to 2 vehicles there are small canisters. Break the canisters to obtain the Developer Log.

Go back to Kolader and talk to him to finish the quest.

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