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Tower of Fantasy: Dungeon Guide A01 A02 A03 Chest Locations

Tower of Fantasy Dungeons are pretty much the same as standard MMOs, and clearing them is pretty straightforward. However, there are Chests in there that have good rewards that might require you to do a bit of searching.




Dungeons are the main places where you grind. They offer good experience and loot as you progress through the game.

However, running through the dungeon and finishing them as quickly as possible seems to be the unspoken rule that’s fine as long as you maximize dungeon rewards by obtaining all secret chests.

Today, we are going to guide you on how to get these chests in the Dungeons.

Guide to A01 A02 A03 Chests in Tower of Fantasy

There are a total of 2 Secret Chests in Dungeon 01. To get to the first chest, as soon as you warp to the dungeon look for a broken slab on your right.

To get to it you need to have the missile barrage Relic, so far, that’s the only rock-breaking tool we can use to break certain rocks, rock walls and obstacles.

Once you break those, the first chest should be behind those.

The second chest location in the Dungeon is fairly easy to spot. After getting the first chest, just work your way to clearing the dungeon. The second chest is located on your path as you continue towards the end of the dungeon.

With that in the bag, you finally got all the dungeon Chests in A01. Let’s go on to the next.

The first chest for dungeon A02 is hard to miss. Just clear the first two rooms and you will find it sitting on the passageway as you go towards the next room.

Continue down the path and it should take you towards a open bridge. Before crossing, look to your right, the 2nd chest can be fairly easy to spot. With both Chests in the bag, let’s head off to the third dungeon.

For dungeon A03, the first chest is located on a cliff above the wall where you use the omnium hand cannon to create a foothold for you to climb up.

Once on top of the wall, turn to your right and jump towards the top, the first chest is located there.

The second chest is located as you proceed further on ahead. It’s located on the right side and is protected by a laser wall.

This stumped us at first since we started looking for a switch to turn it off and look for other secret switches around the area. But seems that the solution is pretty straightforward.

Aim your hand cannon on the ground where the laser walls are. Once the pillar activates, it would block those laser lines and you can safely pass through and grab the chest.

With that, you managed to get all 2 Chests in dungeon A03.

When entering Dungeons for the first time, try to find time to check your surroundings. In early Dungeons, those chests would be fairly easy to spot compared to the later or harder Dungeons.

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