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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get to Cetus Island For Free | Sky Carnival

How to climb to the top of Cetus Island




Many of you already tried to go to Cetus Island but quickly realized that you’ll need a grappling hook that must be bought from the shop. However, all hope is not lost.

You can still find a way to get to Cetus Island without spending a dime, and here is how.

How to Get to Cetus Island Without Grappling Hook

The process here is very simple. As you know, there are many cables that come to hold Cetus Island in place. Some of these cables go straight to the ground.

So, the goal here is to locate a cable that goes down to the ground. Once you get there, you should get on top of the cables and walk to Cetus Island. As you approach the end of the cable, it will become steeper, forcing you to climb.

Once you reach a little resting area on the cable while climbing, the goal is to jump on the inner circle under the island. You can do this by using your jetpack.

Once you get to the inner circle of the Island, you should again look for a way to climb up top. There are certain pillars that allow you to climb to the inside of the island.

Once you get there, you should find a gap that allows you to squeeze to the outside of the circle and jump on the outer edge of the island.

Once you are on top of the outer edge, you can use the Omnium hand cannon, to make a platform that will help you reach the top. Once on the platform, you can use your jetpeck to boost yourself to the top.

If this is too much for you, you can always buy the grappling hook for $1 and reach the top much faster.

Special thanks to L4PQ YouTube Channel

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