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Tower of Fantasy: Shop Currency Guide | Which Items to Buy

Tower of Fantasy has a bunch of currencies that you can earn throughout your playthrough. Most of them can be spent in a special in-game shop known as the Commissary.




As you go about exploring and doing various activities in Tower of Fantasy, you will get to earn a variety of currencies. These currencies can be used in different shops, with gold being the standard currency you use for buying consumables or ingredients for cooking.

However, there are also other special currencies that you can only spend in unique shops. One such shop is the Commissary which contains a bunch of other shops that accept different currencies.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the various shops in the Commissary so you can decide which items you should buy.

Shop Currency Guide | Which Items to Buy in Tower of Fantasy

You can consider the Commissary as more of a marketplace where you can find various shops. It has a total of six different shops which are as follows:

  • Crew Shop
  • Crystal Dust Shop
  • Matrix Shop
  • Points Shop
  • Support Shop
  • Weapons Shop

Let’s have a breakdown of each shop and point out which items are worth buying.

Crew Shop

The Crew shop contains items that you can only purchase if you’re part of a crew. Also, you need to participate in various crew activities in order to gain merit points which you can then spend on the items inside the shop.

By far, the only thing you want to buy inside the Crew shop is the Potent Omnium crystal. Other than that, you can just leave the others be. There might be some nice items in there, but their very high costs aren’t even worth the grind.

Crystal Dust Shop

There are two types of crystal dust you can get in the game. There’s the blue Energy Crystal dust as well as the purple variants. Ideally, you want to purchase the blue crystal dust to buy Booster and Advancement modules.

Other than that, the rest aren’t worth buying. As for the purple crystal dust, you’d want to save them until powerful equipment and crystals are released in future updates.

You can get these crystals by spending Vitality in Spacetime Domain, Omnium Beacon, Dimension Trials, or Interstellar Exploration.

Matrix Shop

The Matrix shop is where you can find matrices for your weapons. Here, you’ll be using Base Chip as the currency which you can obtain when buying matrices in the Special Orders. It’s not that easy to come by, so make sure to spend yours wisely by spending only on the matrices you need.

Points Shop

In the Points shop, you will be spending training points which you can get daily in Ability Training. You’d want to spend it on blue gifts that you can use to increase your friendship with your Simulacrums.

Support Shop

If anything, the only items you want to buy in the Support shop are the Gold and Black Nucleus. To buy them, you will need Support points which you can get by joining group dungeons without spending Vitality.

Weapon Shop

Just like the Matrix shop, you only want to buy items in this shop that you need to upgrade SSR weapons to 6 stars. Here, you’ll be spending black gold which you can get each time you use a Gold Nuclei.

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