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Tower of Fantasy: Best Gifts for King | Gift Guide

Give the best gifts to King.




King is one of the best damage dealers in the current version of Tower of Fantasy Global. Some players regard him as the ruler of the fire element. He possesses many wide AOE attacks and arguably the best aerial attacks in the game. On top of that, he’s among the top choices for shattering shields. We are going to show you which gifts you can give to King.

Best Gifts for King in Tower of Fantasy

King is an SSR character in Tower of Fantasy. A DPS fire element character, he uses the Scythe of the Crow as a weapon.

The following are the effects of his advancements:


Increases shatter by 15%. Shattering an enemy’s shield will deal burn damage equal to 120% of the user’s ATK every 15 seconds


Weapon’s current base HP growth is increase by 16%


For each enemy within 6 meters, damage dealt is increased by 10%, with a maximum of 30%


Weapon’s current base ATK growth is increase by 32%


Attacking enemies that have HP shields or shielded enemies increases the damage dealt to them by 100%


For 30 seconds each enemy slain will increase the damage dealt by 10%. This can stack 3 times

Gifts are needed to get Awakening points, which can further grant rewards like the Awakening Trait. Some gifts can give more points.

Giving the Best Gifts for King

The best gifts King needs are almost the same as Meryl, so you will have to decide who you like more. Gifts can be obtained in the Crystal Dust Store found in the Commissary Icon. It has 3 rarities: Purple, Blue, and Green.

The following are the best gifts for King:

  • Purple Gifts (+80 Awakening Points)
    • Warren Fossil
    • Crown Token
  • Blue Gifts (+30 Awakening Points)
    • Gem Necklace
    • Meteorite Bottle
  • Green Gifts (+15 Awakening Points)
    • Postcard of Aida
    • Retro Harmonica
    • Snack Box

You can unlock the following Awakening Traits:

  • Coldblooded Swipe
  • Fear Reaper

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