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Tower of Fantasy: How to Open Mail | How to Unlock Mail Feature

Know how to open the mail to claim the beginner rewards.




The global launch of Tower of Fantasy has tons of freebies that will help you as you start your journey on planet Aida. These rewards range from gold that you are going to use in upgrading weapons and many more, dark crystals and gold nucleus for the weapon gacha. We are going to teach you how to open the mail to claim these rewards.

How to Open Mail in Tower of Fantasy

The inbox feature of the game or the mail can be unlocked as you progress the story of the game. It stores mails from developers that contains updates or patch notes, game compensations, and rewards as a new player. You can also find the daily login rewards and messages from friends.

How to Open Mail

Opening the mail is pretty easy. First, locate the envelope icon with a red question mark on the upper left of your screen, just below the minimap. Click on it to access the mail window.

Remember, the iicon only appears when you receive a mail. So, if you don’t see any envelope icon on your interface, you don’t need to panic!

Another method is to press the icon that has 3 hexagons found on the upper right portion of your screen. Open it to find various features, such as Inventory, Settings, Friends, and the Mailbox. Tapping on the Mailbox will allow you to access your mail.

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