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Tower of Fantasy: All B-01 Chests Locations

The Ruin B-01 area is one of the many areas in the game where you can find several chests containing some really nice loots.




Once you get to the Banges region, the very first dungeon you will most likely get access to is the Ruin B-01. It’s basically a small dungeon that has a lot of strong enemies inside. Of course, there are some really nice loots in there as well.

In fact, you can find chests in this dungeon that will reward you with some amazing goodies.

If you want to know where to find those chests, then check out the guide below.

All B-01 Chests Locations in Tower of Fantasy

The minimum level requirement for the dungeon is level 21, so if you’re not yet on that level, I recommend getting a few levels first. As soon as you enter, you’ll come across a group of enemies which you can either wipe out or just ignore.

After that, you will find two paths to follow, one going forward and one to the left.

What you want to do is head straight and step on the pressure plate. To the right, you can see the first chest locked behind some bars. Stepping on the pressure plate will open the blockade so you can loot the chest. At the same time, it will also lock the door where you came in.

After looting the first chest, activate the lever in the room to open the door. Exit the door then turn right and jump through the platforms until you make it to the other side. Here, you’ll encounter another group of enemies.

Turn left to see a narrow pathway, and just follow the path until you reach the second level. Here, you’ll find a wide open space with 9 pressure plates close to each other.

Approach the pressure plates and a brief cutscene will play, showing you the sequence in which order you should activate the plates.

You can also find the second chest to the right on the upper level. Then again, it’s behind bars, so you need to open the blockade to loot it. Just activate the pressure plates in the exact order so that the blockade should open, granting you access to the second chest.

Open the chest to loot its contents. The items you can get are similar to that of the first chest which are a Weapon battery II and a Matrix data pack II.

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