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Tower of Fantasy: What to Expect From 2.0 Update Review

Jump back into Tower of Fantasy this 2.0 Update




The beloved open-world RPG game that’s comparable to Genshin Impact drops its biggest update yet with the Version 2.0 Update of Tower of Fantasy. There’s a lot of new exciting content to go through like the new map along with a new story. The team also introduced a number of issues fixed in the game.

We know you’re excited about this update and there’s a lot to go through. This is why we’ll talk about the highlights of the 2.0 update in this Update Review.

Let’s dive in.

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 Update Review

Before we get into the spicy details of the update, it’s important to know that the update will include maintenance from 06:00 to 09:00AM (UTC+0) on October 20, 2022. For Mobile, you will receive a notification in the App or Google Play Store while for PC the game will automatically update after restarting the client.

New “Vera Sector” Map

First and foremost, we’ll get the most exciting part out of the way. A new map will be released called “Vera Sector”. This will include the cyberpunk cities such as “Mirroria” and “Grayspace” areas.

New equipment and Story

  • “A Fresh Start” & “Stellarway Restart” Events – Newly released events coming with the update
  • New outfit system for Mia
  • Dimension Trials “6 and “Spacetime Domain”6
  • New equipment unlock – Combat Engine
  • New instances including the “End Game” and “Sadness Valley” is unlocked
  • Character Sex Change Card now available
Image credits: DSGaming

New features and Changes

  • The level cap increased to 80
  • Wormhole level 75 is available
  • New daily Veron bounty missions
  • Support rewards and stores available for new players that participate in team-ups

Players will also be receiving an array of compensations like Dark Crystal, Sex Change Card, and more.  This massive update has made Tower of Fantasy players greatly excited for this update. Now, you probably are too!

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