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Tower of Fantasy: Cybernetic Arm Relic

Find all the chests in Ruin B-01 Normal mode.




Tower of Fantasy has one-time completion dungeons called Ruins. There are three difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard. You must locate and open chests to achieve a 100% completion of a Ruin. With that said, we are going to show you the locations of all the chests in the Normal mode of Ruin B-01.

Normal Ruin B-01 All Chests Locations in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, Ruins are unlocked as you reach the required level. You will also need to complete the subsequent difficulty to move to a higher difficulty. A recommended Combat Score is also shown to give players an idea of whether they can survive in the ruin or not.  Combat Score is the basis on how strong the enemies are.

The Normal Ruin B-01 has four chests. Read on to know the locations of each chest.

Locating and Opening All the Chests in Normal Ruin B-01

The first chest is located just straight ahead of the spawn area. As you spawn in the Ruin, go down the stairs and defeat all of the mobs.

There is a small room with a red circle platform on the floor. Step on the platform to open a gate; you will see the first chest. Use the lever to open the door to get out of the room.

The second chest is located in the next area. As you get out of the room, cross the gap with the use of the rolling bridges.

The next area has stairs going up and enemies to defeat. On the left side of the stairs, there is a room that has another set of stairs. Climb up and you can find the on top.

The chest is located on the right side of the wall behind a gate. There is another pattern behind the chest. Follow the pattern to open the gate.

The last chest is located inside the boss room. Reset the pattern by using the lever below the wall. Follow the pattern on the wall to access the boss room.

Go to the left and pass through the gate. There is another set of enemies before the boss. The chest is on the right of the door.

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