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Tower of Fantasy: All Drone (Crab) Locations

One of the side quests you can find in Tower of Fantasy involves finding drones that are shaped like crabs in various locations on the map.




As you go around exploring the map in Tower of Fantasy, you most likely have come across those crab-like drones flying around. While they might seem like just there as a decoration, they’re actually part of an optional side quest.

Specifically, NPCs Jelle and Reid will ask you to locate all of the drones and follow them until they find their way to either of them. If you don’t know where all those drones are, this guide is for you.

All Drone (Crab) Locations in Tower of Fantasy

Before we start, keep in mind that there are 14 drones that are scattered all throughout the map. This means that completing this side quest will take a bit of your time. Of course, it will reward you with a Black Nucleus for every drone you locate, so it’s certainly worth it.

That said, here are the locations of all 14 drones in the game:

Drone #1

This one is just right next to the Ring of Echos. You’ll find it slowly making its way uphill, and you’ll have to climb the hill up ahead as well.

Drone #2

You can find this one just a bit northwest of where the first drone is. It’s close to the river and you’ll have to cross the river as well until it reaches the NPC.

Drone #3

From the Rusty belt, head south until you find the third drone which is on top of a hill. Follow it as it makes its way to the windmills with some Hyenas and up the hill to where the NPC is.

Drone #4

This one is to the south of the Banges Farms. As you get there, you’ll find the tree resting below a tree. Move up to it and follow it as it makes its way up the hill.

Drone #5

Located south of the Banges Factories, you have to climb up the broken bridge to find the drone right next to a supply pod.

Drone #6

You can find this one slightly northeast of the Signal Station Ruins. It will be flying over the grass waiting for you to approach it.

Drone #7

For this one, you want to head over slightly northwest of Seventh Day Forest. The drone will be waiting on the grassland and will make its way uphill when approached.

Drone #8

This one is located east of Navia Bay right between the two points of interest as shown in the image. You will find it on top of the hillside.

Drone #9

For this one, head over to the Transport Hub and look for the drone flying on the bridge in the area.

Drone #10

You can find this one close to Goldrush Mountain. However, this is a bit tricky compared to the other drones as you’ll have to climb up a cliff to get close to it.

Drone #11

This one is on the southeastern portion of the Fiendish Swamp. You can find it right up a hill that’s overlooking the sea to the southeast.

Drone #12

This drone is located southwest of Saag Passage. As with most drones, you have to climb up a hill to approach it, but this one is actually quite easy to locate. However, guiding it toward the NPC will take a lot more time than the rest.

Drone #13

This one is just a bit north of where you found Drone #12. It will be on top of a building, and you’ll have to constantly use jetpacks while following it across those mushroom-shaped structures.

Drone #14

For the last one, you want to head over to this area west of the Warren Omnium Tower. You’ll find the last drone sitting on top of an ice pillar. Needless to say, you need to climb that ice pillar in order to get the drone to move.

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