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Tower of Fantasy: Should You Pick Nemesis

Nemesis is an SSR character who takes on the role of a support by providing backup to her allies as well as decent healing in a healing chain.




Nemesis is a Simulacra that you can obtain by opening the Nemesis Limited Cache. This also happens to be the first gacha banner in the game. She’s a strong support character capable of using chain healing to nearby allies. Not only that, but she also increases the damage of electric weapons via her weapon.

That said, you might be wondering whether she’s worth getting or not. Let’s find that out in this article.

Should You Pick Nemesis in Tower of Fantasy

Nemesis is a support character – and a powerful one at that! Her dodge triggers a healing chain that will heal nearby allies for a decent amount. Not only that, but every time she dodges, she will receive a stack of healing chain enhance which further enhances the effectiveness of her healing chain.

As a brief overview of the character, Nemesis uses the Venus weapon which is a Volt weapon that can paralyze a target for a brief moment and then negates its buffs for a few seconds. Her skill, Pulse Lock, causes her to fire a missile that will explode on impact and deal decent damage to enemies in the target area.

With all that’s been said, should you pick Nemesis? Well, the answer would depend on what type of player you are.

If you’re mainly free-to-play, then you’d probably want to skip her since you may not be able to get all of the resources you need to upgrade her. Although if you want to main another lightning weapon, I would suggest saving up to 120 hard pity.

On the other hand, if you can afford to spend some money, then you can just get a single copy for PVP. Or if you want to use her for PVE, I would recommend just getting her to 1 star. This will be more than enough for the content – unless you want to whale.

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