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Tower of Fantasy: Magnetic Rod Location | Chaser Vehicle Part

The Magnetic Rod is one of the few parts you need to unlock the Chaser mount. To find it, you need to head over to a certain location and open a chest.




The world of Tower of Fantasy is vast, so you’ll definitely need a mount to traverse the lands quickly. Luckily, there are several mounts that you can obtain in the game, one of which is the Chaser. The Chaser is a vehicle that levitates off the ground, but to unlock it, you need to find two of its parts.

One of these parts is the Magnetic Rod. If you’re struggling to find it, this guide will help you.

Magnetic Rod Location | Chaser Vehicle Part in Tower of Fantasy

Unlike the Maglev Stalker part which you can obtain by defeating a world boss, getting the Magnetic Rod is pretty straightforward. For this, you want to head over to the northern part of Astra and go to the Northern Ring Ranges.

Once you get there, you’ll find a huge and circular water tank on top of a building. All you need to do is climb up that building until you reach the platform where the water tank is sitting on.

After landing on the platform, find your way inside the tank. Then, go up the platforms until you find a ledge containing a Type II supply pod.

All you need to do is open that supply pod to loot the Magnetic Rod. You can also get other goodies like XP, gold, as well as a Gold Nucleus.

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