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Tower of Fantasy: Stolen Lollipops Locations – Lina’s Hiding at Fennie’s

Here’s how to locate the stolen lollipops in Tower of Fantasy, for those that can’t find out Lina’s hiding spot




It may seem quite self-explanatory from the title, but for those who have spoken to Mr. Lynx and then Lily, and are looking to locate the lollipops after she explains their little hide and seek game, look no further than this simplistic guide.

Initially, Lily will be entirely suspicious of you – thinking you’re with Lina. However, once she asks you if you’re willing to give her some candy, response with the prompt “Exchange candies” will get her to expose where Lina is hiding. From there, you can complete the quest for Mr. Lynx in exchange for experience and items.

This will then get her to pass the info on Lina ‘hiding out’ at Fennie’s. Fennie’s is extremely close by, so you don’t have to go very far. You’ll be in Aesperia, with the exact coordinates (-898.7, 842.4).

Simply go up the stairs to Fennie’s and you’ll notice Lina standing near the counter.  

Run over and talk to Lina, who will pretend as though she doesn’t know anything about Mr. Lynx’s missing lollipops. After your interaction, you’ll receive them. Run back down to talk with Lynx to complete the little quest, where you’ll be rewarded heavily with experience and items (Sugar Paper x 5, Weapon battery II x1, Matrix data pack II x 1, Nano coating x1, Acidproof glaze x 1.

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