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Tower of Fantasy: How to Solve Surveillance Guard Puzzle Guide

Increase your world exploration by solving this puzzle which also includes a gold nucleus as a reward




Tower of Fantasy’s 2.0 version upgrade recently went live. You can get compensated with dark crystals after the game has been updated. Vera, a new location, is included in the updated edition. You can run into brand-new foes and bosses in Vera.

You can also complete brand-new puzzles to get rewards. We will demonstrate how to solve the Surveillance Guard puzzle which is one of them.

How to Solve Surveillance Guard Puzzle Guide

In Tower of Fantasy, completing riddles will advance your world exploration in that region. Vera’s presence will provide us with a new world to explore and fill in.

Exploration of the world can lead to the discovery of dark crystals, artifacts, and many other items. Finding black and gold nucleus and opening supply pods both raise it. The Surveillance Guard puzzle may be found in Vera.

Solving the Surveillance Guard Puzzle Guide

Credit: Mobile Game

A Surveillance Guard will reveal its core when it is far from you. However, getting too close will cause it to seal up completely. You must shut it down to receive a prize.

They appear on the mini-map as a white diamond icon.

Credit: Mobile Game

If you have the Quantum Cloak artifact, this problem will be simple for you to complete. You’ll temporarily become invisible if you use this artifact.

Use it after equipping it. To get the core, approach the Surveillance Guard and engage with it. Your prize will be a Gold Nucleus for doing so.

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