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Tower of Fantasy: How to Unlock Spacetime Rift Relic

Relics Provide you with additional moves, Buffs and even attacks in the Game. With these equipped, it broadens your skill set and attack combinations when clearing game content.




One of the most sought-after and useful items is the Spacetime Rift Relic. With one of these equipped, it grants you an Area of Effect skill that does continuous damage, crowd control, and de-buff effect, which would be a great addition to your current skill repertoire.

Today, we are going to guide you on how to get this nifty relic and obtain its skills.

How to Unlock Spacetime Rift Relic in Tower of Fantasy

The first step requires you to do a bit of farming. Head on over to Ruins E-01 and collect 30 pieces of relic shards. You could clear the dungeon at any difficulty level. The higher the difficulty, the more shards, and items you would receive.

Shards From Gifts

You can also grab Spacetime Rift shards from gifts at events. If you have those in your loot, you might want to open them and select the Spacetime Rift shards for you to amass 30 pieces faster.

Claire’s Dream Machine

Another way to get these is through the Mini-Game at Claire’s Dream Machine. You get random relic shards here so getting a specific Spacetime Rift shard isn’t a guarantee.

Once you have the shards in your inventory Combine them to unlock the Spacetime Rift Relic.

The Relic sends forth a vacuum in a large area. Where enemies caught in the rift would be unable to dodge attacks and does continuous damage during the duration of the skill.

At higher star levels the radius of the skill gets bigger and it increases the damage significantly and enemies caught up in it would not be able to heal. The relic also gives you a passive 2% flame damage reduction.

This skill is useful when setting up attacks by locking enemies in place with the Spacetime Rift and unloading your Area of Effect skills and attacks, making the clearing of mobs easier and more efficient.

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