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Tower of Fantasy: Artificial Island Boss Location

The boss in Artificial Island is called the Interdimensional Space Dragon which is a massive mech dragon you can find on top of Base Zero.




Previously, there was a total of six World Bosses that you can encounter during your adventures in Tower of Fantasy. Each of these bosses is assigned to a specific region, but with the introduction of Artificial Island, a seventh boss has been added.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at where you can find the boss for the Artificial Island region.

Artificial Island Boss Location in Tower of Fantasy

The World Boss that you can find in Artificial Island is the Interdimensional Space Dragon. This is basically a huge robotic dragon that will drop a handful of exciting loots upon defeat. These include a random SSR weapon, a matrix for Samir, and a few other materials.

In order to find this boss, you want to head over to the Rusty Iron Camp spacerift. Once you get there, you want to make your way to the top of the mountain to the south. After getting to the top, face north and fly toward the floating red portal.

Go through the portal to take you to the top of Base Zero. As soon as you get there, just simply look up, and you should be able to see the boss floating up in the air. Since this is a level 70 boss, you want to prepare as much as possible and team up with other players within the same level.

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