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Tower of Fantasy: How to Complete Outer Island Quest

Complete the quest to open the Outer Island.




The new area Artificial Island in Tower of Fantasy introduced new side quests and enemies. You can even get some Red Nucleus by exploring the map. There is also the Outer Island, which you can only access by completing a quest. We are going to show you how to reach it.

How to Complete Outer Island Quest in Tower of Fantasy

To complete the Outer Island quest, you need to find 3 abandoned ships and find fireflies to place them in their own lamps to make the fog disappear. The locations of the ships are Southeast of Broken Tooth Island, South of Stranded Remains, and East of Island of Pins.

After finishing the puzzles, you are going to receive a Rapid Repair Device upon picking up the Black Nucleus. To receive the quest, you need to head into the area indicated by a circle in the picture above.

Teleport to the Spacerift in the Deserted Water Treatment Plant. Get inside the tent and pick up a quest on a crate on the left side of the entrance.

Completing the Outer Island Quest

The first task in the quest is to defeat the Angry Aberrant. These are some of its spawn points, as indicated by the solid yellow circles in the picture above. A defeated Angry Aberrant drops an Institute Key Card.  Make sure to start the quest so that it will drop this item.

Go back to the tent and repair the broken machine inside with a repair kit. This is going to fix the teleporter at the back of the tent. Use the key card to teleport to North Gemini Island.

Go straight until you see a small island that has another teleporter that will bring you to South Gemini Island. At the Gemini Island, climb on top of the mountain that has thorns, and unlock a quest inside the container.

Head to the tallest area in North Gemini Island and pick up the Golden Nucleus, under it is data. Interact with it and use the teleporter after. From where you spawn, interact with the data to your side.

Head to the tallest mountain in the Sea Horizon Stand, where you are going to find a Permission Card on the platform.

Head to the Estuary, and in the East of the Island of Pins is a teleporter. Use the Permission Card to take you to Listen to Earwyn Island. Cross to the other island and go up the tower to get another Permission Card.

On top of the Listen to Earwyn Island is a broken teleporter. Fix all of the broken pillars to teleport. You are now then transported to Diurnal Islet.

On the island, there are 2 Red Nucleus and 2 elite bosses. Obtaining the 2 Red Nucleus finishes the quest.

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