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Tower of Fantasy: How to Change Matching Position

Although Switching your weapons to activate a certain Resonance type is easy enough, It could sometimes be a bother especially when joining a party and switching your role each run.




Picture this, you decided to do joint operations and other multiplayer content for the whole afternoon while playing solo. After a few runs, a party member switches out and selects a different role from the team you are in.

You switch your role from DPS to Healer then afterward you are forced to switch to another role because another player joined the party and insists on being support then you have to switch it up again.

Today, we are going to guide you on how to set up preset weapons so you can switch weapons easily depending on the role you want to play.

How to Change Matching Positions in Tower of Fantasy

Start by opening your menu in the game and selecting your weapons tab. On the screen, you should see the 3 weapons you have equipped together with your character.

On the lower left side of the screen, you should be able to see three head icons with the word set. The default position would be the first set from the top.

These are in fact, presets for your weapon equipment. Each set allows you to register three weapons to use and you could switch them freely among the 3 as long as you registered a weapon set for each preset.

Set your weapons according to your role and register them

To do this, just click on the first set and equip your desired set of weapons. To register them on your preset click on the match settings tab.

This should bring you up to your match settings. From here you should see a set of instructions on how these settings are used and below that are the 3 battle resonance icons with a box on the right.

Switch from your 3 sets

To register your set equipment, simply check the box on the right to register the first set. Do these for the second and third weapon preset and register them on the match settings tab.

Now, selecting a weapon role can be done on the fly with the registered presets you have set. Just be sure to upgrade those weapon sets for you to be more effective as you switch between different roles in the game.

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