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Tower of Fantasy: Relics Guide | All RELICS Explained 

Here are all the relics you should know about in Tower of Fantasy




Exploring the Futuristic world of AIDA would be tedious without the right tools for the job. This is where Relics come in. Having the right Relic for the right task is crucial not only for your survival but for you to enjoy the world as well.  

 Relics are special items that you use in your adventures. Depending on the type of Relic, it gives you different actions, acts as support items and even boosts your attack damage. 

Let’s break down the relics in the game and see what perks it gives us and when to best use them.

ALL RELICS Explained in Tower of Fantasy


Jetpacks give you the action to fly and glide through the world of AIDA. With these items on your back you could jump off from high places and if you time them right, break fall damage as you switch it on before hitting the ground. The best time to use this is when you’re in a high place and just jump off and glide through the world with ease.

Cybernetic Arm

Simply put, this Relic is a grappling hook. The cybernetic arm is more often used as a combination with the jetpack. These are especially useful when climbing mountains and can even be used in combat where it pulls far-off enemies towards you. 

Mech Suit

The Type V armor or most commonly named the Mech Suit lets you equip a powerful mech that you use to decimate enemies. As you upgrade this equipment different skills will be unlocked and this is useful when facing flame or control-type enemies because it renders those attacks useless. 

Jet Board

The Jet Board is probably one of the most popular relics in the game next to the Jet Pack. We’ve seen hundreds of photos of players taking screenshot photos of their characters on this with beautiful backgrounds in-game.

The main function of the jet board is it lets you surf in the water. A very good tool when exploring islands from the sea. 

Magnetic Storm

The first time We encounter this Relic was at PVP. This proves very effective due to its control effect. It throws a random purple tornado in the field that launches you up in the air while dealing volt damage. When upgraded to level 3 it spawns three tornadoes instead of 1. 

On PVP battles, control skills are a must-have because it pins opponents in place for you to spam your high damage skills. It’s pretty frustrating if you’re on the receiving end though. 

Missile Barrage

The missile barrage is a damage-dealing Relic. Once activated, a missile pod is spawned in front of you and a barrage of missiles fly out and hit enemies at random.


The Couant grants you a shield that last for 5 seconds. Getting hit once or after the 5 seconds are up it explodes and damages enemies around you. The best way to use it is right before an enemy connects with a hit. If the shield breaks 1 second after it was created, it damages and stuns the enemies around you. At higher upgrades it grants debuff for the enemies being hit, by decreasing enemy attack speed and at higher levels, grants you increase in your final attack damage. 

Strange Cube

The strange cube creates a gravity field around you that blows back enemies when it explodes. You usually use these in world exploration. If you find rocks blocking your way you could use this skill to push them out of the way. 

Magnetic Pulse

This Relic sets off a magnetic bomb that deals blowback volt damage. What makes this a useful Relic to use is because of the control immunity it gives. You can even use this when you get stunned, a pretty nifty skill to use no matter what class you are set on. 


We are not going to lie, this Relic is by far one of our fan favorites. When activated, it launches AOE damage. pressing the attack button pummels anyone in its way and launches missile damage on the combo ender. It also grants hit stun immunity for 20 seconds so you could smash away until your 20 seconds are up. Pretty good for PVP and PVE. 

Omnium Shield

The Omnium Shield gets deployed in front of you and blocks projectile attacks. A pretty handy tool to have specially when faced with opponents whose attacks are ranged. If enemies pass through the shield they would suffer a 50%  slow effect for 2 seconds granting you precious time to dodge away and prepare for the next attack. 

Spacetime Rift

The Spacetime Rift Relic granta you AOE damage over a large area. It has a pretty decent continuous attack damage. You would be using this most of the time on PVE as you clear mobs while spamming your skills. 


Confinement sets up a field where the enemies are confined inside. The inside of the field sets off an energy pulse for 10 seconds. The type of damage is based on your weapons element. Enemies who touch the field will be stunned for 2 seconds. 


The drone follows you in the field for 15 to 25 seconds depending on the upgrade level. It grants you damage reduction, control immunity for 5 seconds and also increases your attack damage. 

Hologram Projector

This Relic creates a copy of yourself that mimics your moves and attacks for 18 seconds. It’s pretty useful for clearing mobs and if positioned right, literally dealing double damage to a boss. 

Alternate Destiny

This Relic is pretty useful in an emergency. When being mobbed by enemies and your health is dangerously low, just activate it for a little breathing room. Once inside the field you are safe from hitstun effects and your hit points will not drop below 20% from enemy attacks. Relic is more of a timeout call when things are getting hairy in the field. 

Hovering Canon

The hovering cannon looks similar to ironmans beam Canon in avengers endgame. The difference here is the hovering Canon deals ice damage to the enemy and at higher upgrades, causes freeze effect and continuous damage. A good support item against enemies weak to ice based attacks. 

Quantum Cloak

The quantum cloak is more like the Hide skill in most rpg games. Once activated you would turn invisible for 20 seconds where you could bypass mobs in your path and can even be used for fleeing when the enemy targets you. A nice Relic to use on team play when you’re either a support or a DPS. 

Lava Bomb

Think of Lava Bombs as Flash bangs with fire damage. When thrown, it explodes in an area stunning targets for 2 seconds while giving them a pretty decent fire damage. This Relic is useful mainly for its stun effect. The burn damage they inflict on enemies is just a plus.

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