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Tower of Fantasy: Top Mistakes to Avoid

The first few days in any new game would find you doing things that you shouldn’t have. That should be for offline role-playing games. But on a Massive Multiplayer Online RPG with Gacha, mistakes could break your game completely.




 Trial and error are part of life. You learn things from your mistakes, stumble sometimes, pick yourself up and go on. That holds true in most games as well. In Tower of Fantasy, however, a wrong mistake would leave you better off by creating a new account over again.

Today we shall be talking about the top mistakes you could make in the world of Tower of Fantasy.

Top mistakes to avoid in Tower of Fantasy

Leveling Too Many Weapons at the Same time

One of the most common mistakes we tend to do is to Level up too many weapons. Online games create revenue in in-game purchases.

Most of these purchases would be on essential leveling up components for your weapons, gold currencies, and pulls. They make these free-to-play friendly by giving you a generous amount of these resources via quests and objectives but it’s not going to be enough for maxing 7 or 8 types of weapons.

It is best to start small. Find 3 weapons you are comfortable with and slowly level them up. It’s ideal to use the RULE OF 10 on weapon and gear upgrades. Level all your 8 gear slots to level 10 and your 3 weapons to level 10.

Get to explore the game a bit as you level up. The objective should be to check what combination works for you. See if you enjoy being a DPS, Tank, or Support.

1 or 2 weeks in the game should give you an idea of what main would you focus on. From there, start leveling up your 3 main weapons by 10 levels each time you have an ample amount of gold and resources. With one core character with decent upgrades, you could use that to farm for gold and resources to max yourself out and start on another weapon set.

On your first starting weapon sets, we recommend you diversify their element damage, you might come across mobs or bosses that nerfs or nullifies one type of elemental damage so you should have two or three elemental weapons to switch to.

Never Pull From the Standard Banner

The next thing that you should never do is pull from the STANDARD Banner. Pulls require dark crystals. There are many ways in-game to earn gold relics and although the standard banner offers a guaranteed SR or SSR on the 10th pull, more often than not if you waste your dark crystals on the guaranteed 80 pulls, those 7 pulls before that are more likely SR weapons so its best to avoid them no matter how enticing.

The Global Launch event gives you many opportunities to farm gold relics so it’s best to do those instead and save those dark crystals for the limited banners that are coming up. This holds especially true for free-to-play players.

With Matrices it’s a different matter, the standard banner for matrices grants you good choices so it’s okay to spend moderately on them but with dark crystals being hard to farm, it’s best to save those for limited characters.

Since Nemesis is on the limited banner on day 1 of the Global Launch, it’s best to save those dark crystals for her since her drop rate is higher with the event and she is a good Support and DPS character.

Avoid Spending limited Currency Resources

The next thing to watch out for is DO NOT waste your limited currency resources. One example is your Crystal Dust. When spending those, go straight to the limited booster module and advancement module. Prioritize your spending on those 2 until you capped them off for the week.

For purple dust, use them to purchase gear only if you need them for your slots. Otherwise, save them for later.

For the black gold only focus on buying the SSR weapons worth 120 NG and nothing else. Purchase them if you have a similar copy of the weapons that are being sold for you to level up the star of your weapon. The same goes for your matrix currency, just save it for the matrix that you are looking on investing in and not on anything else. That also applies to the crew and point stores.

Use Gifts To Your Advantage

Next, you should always use your gifts to raise your rapport with your character. Check the bonuses of each character and target the one you want. Continue feeding them gifts to raise their level till you unlock your target perk.

It would be tempting to use these gifts and spread them among your characters but the most ideal way to go about it is to focus on raising rapport level on one character at a time. Just make sure to feed the correct type of gift for the type of character you want.

Otherwise, the affinity bonus of the type and character would be wasted if you mismatch gifts and character type.

Join a Crew Immediately

Join a crew as soon as you can. There are a lot of rewards to be had if you join a crew. If you go in-game with friends it’s probably a good idea for you to create a crew together.

Actively pursuing crew missions will help you get the needed rewards as well as level up your crew level. You would also be able to access the crew store where you could purchase items via crew points. The higher your crew level, the more item choices you get at the store.

Don’t Waste Your Relic Shard Box

The next mistake that you should avoid doing is wasting your Relic Shard Box. The box lets you collect relic shards for you to either obtain or upgrade your Relics. Knowing what type of relics you want and what relics to upgrade based on your playstyle would greatly enhance your gaming experience than spreading your Relic shards and trying to get all the relics as fast as you can.

You should always use food items depending on the situation. Food offers various perks or abilities depending on the type of food you have. From regeneration to granting buffs or boosts, it’s a waste if you ignore them completely. Most players do that and in the end, it ends up just taking up space in your storage.

Vitality is Important!

Next is never forget to optimize vitality. As you clear joint operations, you have the option of raising the chances for you to obtain Master or Ultimate equipment in vitality boxes.

There are 5 ways for you to spend your vitality in-game. Go for the spacetime domain as it gives you chunks of gold to use for upgrading your equipment, joint operations for you to farm high-level equipment and matrices chips and the interstellar dimension for you to farm strong upgrading components for your weapons.

So the way to optimize your vitality spending would be to focus on Gold, weapon augmentation, gears, and chips.

Don’t Forget about Daily Bounties

The last thing that you should remember is don’t make the mistake of ignoring your daily bounties. This section is where you are going to farm for experience and gold as you do the quest objectives. This is probably what you should focus on as you log in every day because bounties reset every day and it would be a waste not to farm those gold, experience, and tickets for you to optimize your game time.

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1 Comment

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    August 18, 2022 at 2:50 am

    Pulling on Standard Banner does not require dark crystals, and limited pulls use RED Nucleus, not black, so i see no reason not to pull from the standard banner (the the BLACK Nucleuses you get)

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