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Tower of Fantasy: Behemoths Location Guide

Find Behemoths, defeat them, and get a chance to get this item.




Tower of Fantasy has named enemies that are stronger and sturdier than the normal mobs. They will have shields that need to be shattered, and sometimes, elemental shields that can block elemental damage. One of these is the Behemoth. We are going to show you where all of the locations of the named enemies Behemoth.

Behemoths Location Guide in Tower of Fantasy

Behemoths in Tower of Fantasy are like the aberrant mobs. They are hideous-looking creatures who use their weights when attacking you by slamming their fists on the ground or using their whole body to obliterate you. These monsters have a resistance to the physical element, but they are weak against the fire element.

Killing named enemies for the first time unlocks an achievement. Behemoths can be found in the Banges and Navia regions.

Behemoth Locations

There are three Behemoths in the game. They are as follow:

  • Behemoth Surtur
  • Behemoth Bergelmir
  • Behemoth Mimir

The first Behemoth, Surtur, is located below the Banges Shelter, close to the shore on a small cliff with a small hut.

The second Behemoth, Bergelmir, is on a mountain close to the Banges Farms. It can be found on top patrolling the area.

The last Behemoth, Mimir, is in the Navia region. It is located in the Seventh Day Forest, close to a Ruin.

Behemoths are required for obtaining the Omnium Beast VII vehicle. They have a low chance to drop the Right Arm component of the vehicle.

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