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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get to Diurnal Islet

The Diurnal Islet is a new location in the latest 1.5 update that contains 2 Red Nuclei. However, getting to the islet itself can be quite challenging.




There’s a handful of locations to explore and POIs to discover in Tower of Fantasy. Even more so with the release of the 1.5 update, players can have even more new areas to head out and discover. One of these new areas is the Diurnal Islet.

This islet contains 2 Red Nuclei, but the problem is that getting to the islet is quite challenging. If you don’t know how to achieve it, then this guide is here to help you out.

How to Get to Diurnal Islet in Tower of Fantasy

You can actually see the Diurnal Islet on the map just west of the Island of Pins. However, if you head over to the location, you’ll notice that a barrier is surrounding the islet. As such, you need to do some tasks first before you can enter it.

Specifically, you need to collect 3 Rapid Repair Devices which you can obtain from three different locations.

Rapid Repair Device #1

For this one, you want to head over to this area on the map just east of the Island of Pins:

You’ll find that the area is has a few abandoned boats. What you want to do is to collect 3 fireflies within the area then activate the light. You can find the fireflies on the boats. After collecting all three, you need to look for a huge ship with three fog-repellent lamps which you then have to activate.

Doing this will spawn an orb that will give you a Black Nucleus, Outer Island Exploration Progress, and a Black Nucleus.

Rapid Repair Device #2

You can find the second Rapid Repair Device east of Broken Tooth Island. Similar to the previous item, you need to fulfill the objective which is to collect 3 fireflies and activate 3 lights. After doing so, you’ll receive the same rewards as well as another Rapid Repair Device.

Rapid Repair Device #3

The third and final Rapid Repair Device is located just a bit south of Stranded Remains. The objective and rewards are the same as the previous two. With this, you should now have all 3 Rapid Repair Devices.

As soon as you have all 3 Rapid Repair Devices, the next step is to use the repair tool set. For this, you want to go to this location on the map:

There, you’ll find a small tent with a repair tool inside. But in order to use it, you will need a tool set. If you don’t have one yet, you can get one from a Fine Gift which you can purchase for 30 crystals from the Crystal Dust Store.

With a tool set, interact with the device to start the repair process.

Collect Institute Key Card

The next step is to collect an Institute Key Card which can drop from Angry Aberrants. These monsters can spawn right next to transmission gates which you can find in certain locations across the region. You can visit areas on the map with the animal head icon on them.

They’re really easy to kill, and once you have the card, you can then proceed to North and South Gemini Island to unlock their respective transmission device. You want to go to North Gemini Island first as the transmission device will then take you to the South Gemini Island.

Look for Permission Card: Tyrone

In the island, climb up the huge stone tower then look for Permission Card: Tyrone. After getting the permission card, go back to North Gemini Island and look for the transmission device at the highest point in the island.

Use the transmission device to teleport yourself to Sea Horizon Stand. As soon as you arrive at the area, your next task is to find Permission Card: Morris. You can find more information about this on our guide about Permission Card: Morris,

After getting the permission card, go to Listen to Earwyn by using the card on the transmission device located at the Island of Pins.

Once you arrived at Listen to Earwyn, your next task is to look for Permission Card: Damien. You can find it on top of a water tank somewhere in the island, as shown on this image:

With the permission card in your possession, you can finally go to Diurnal Islet. You just have to look for the transmission device somewhere in the area and interact with it. It will prompt you to use the Rapid Repair Devices to repair the conveyor component.

After the repair process is done, interact with the transmission device and use Permission Card: Damien. This will then take you to Diurnal Islet.

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