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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Character Equipment | Equipment Guide

Your equipment plays a major role in your progress in Tower of Fantasy, so learning how to get gear for your character should be one of your priorities.




As with any RPG, you will need the right equipment in order to take on a game’s content. Once you start progressing through a game, you’ll eventually notice that enemies hit harder and are way tougher to take down. This is why you need to use the right gear to get past them.

If you’re somehow stuck in a wall in Tower of Fantasy, then this guide will show you how you can get the right character equipment.

How to Get Character Equipment in Tower of Fantasy

There are several ways to get character equipment in Tower of Fantasy. Probably the most efficient method would be a Joint Operation. In case you’re wondering, this is a challenge that you can only perform in a specific area each day.

As such, you want to focus on that specific area in order to get the equipment you need. While in Joint Operation, I highly recommend using Joint Supply Chip I in order to double your chance of getting Master or even Ultimate equipment.

Obviously, you don’t want to settle for low-level gear. You can obtain a Joint Supply Chip I at the Support Store which you can buy every week. That said, here are the areas you have to be looking at as well as their respective schedules:

  • Quarantine Area (Mon/Sat)
  • Deepsea Stronghold II (Tue/Sat)
  • Hyenas Arena II (Wed/Sun)
  • Deepsea Proving Ground II (Thurs/Sun)
  • Spacetime Training Ground II (Fri/Sun)

Another means of getting equipment is by clearing Ruins. However, you can only get a piece of equipment as a guaranteed reward during your first time clearing a dungeon. Still, it’s one solid means of getting equipment early on.

The last method is by buying them straight from the Crystal Dust Store which is possible after reaching level 25. I also highly recommend buying an equipment as soon as you can in the store to help you progress quickly.

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