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Tower of Fantasy: Darby’s Sturgeon in Blue River

The sturgeon can be found in this part of the lake.




Food in Tower of Fantasy can be cooked and consumed to replenish your health and setiety. Satiety is your recovery rate, which regenerates health when you are out of battle. A 0% satiety means you cannot regenerate health.

You can use various ingredients for cooking in Tower of Fantasy, and one of them is Darby’s Sturgeon. In this guide, we are going to show you where to find these fish.

Darby’s Sturgeon in Blue River in Tower of Fantasy

You can level up in Tower of Fantasy by completing quests. There are 2 different types of these quests: the Main or Story Quests and Side Quests. The game does have a daily level and EXP cap, so do note that you are going to reach the limit of level 18 on the first day of your account.

One of these side quests is to find Darby’s Sturgeon, which will give you various rewards upon completion.

Darby’ Sturgeon Location

Locating Darby’s Sturgeon is relatively easy. There are 2 locations where you can find the fish.

First, you can find them swimming near the Ring of Echos. You can easily spot them since they are slightly bigger than the silver basses and lighter in color.

The next location is further up the river. Darby’s Sturgeon enjoys shallow waters so you can still try to find them in these areas of the river.

The marks on the picture above are the locations that seem to be the only places for Darby’s Sturgeon.

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