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Tower of Fantasy: How to Pick the Right Server

Most of us have already downloaded the latest MMORPG/GACHA Game Tower of Fantasy. But which server to pick?




 With all the hustle and bustle that a much-awaited game is generating, you might want to slow down a bit and answer one question. What Server you should be playing on?

How to Pick the Right Server in Tower of Fantasy

If you’re a fan of Online Multiplayer Games, you probably experienced logging on to a newly launched game and spending a week on it only to find out that most of your buddies are on another server.

Or getting into the game a few days after launch and automatically picking the last server on the list only to realize that as the game progresses, most of the players are on the old servers and you are stuck on a server where people logged in, created an account, played for a few days then completely left, never to come back.

So for today, we shall be talking about what server should you pick in Tower of Fantasy Global.

If you plan on playing as a group then you guys should discuss what server you going to be on. That way you and your friends would be able to play together without having one of you play for a few days on different servers and end up having to discard your game to switch to a different server where your friends are at.

Tower of Fantasy gives you the option to switch servers for free but it’s just once per account. The next server switch would cost you real money. It’s best to hold on to your free server switch item for later in the game or in case of emergencies.

Now you’ve communicated with your friends and are all going on the same server. The next question would be, where would you guys log in to?

Things to Consider When Picking a Server

If you have a favorite streamer that you are following it would be best to select the server he’s on. That way you could interact with him on live stream or join his events in-game or on twitch. Just be sure your streamer is in the same area as you thought.

Ping and Time Difference

With 5g connections set up. Hi-ping isn’t one of the problems you would have especially if you have a fast Internet connection, but playing on servers created for a different continent could be a bit of a problem, especially with the time difference.

For example, server maintenance usually happens in the morning and you would have to adjust your schedule for that.

Then there are world boss events, raid schedules, and the like to consider. So it’s best to stick to the server that is recommended for you based on your location.

If you are a solo player and just want to log in and enjoy the game then any server is fine although it would be best for you to join a server with medium or high people logged in to the game. If the game is up and running, you would be able to get an idea of the server status with the color-coded alert buttons that would be posted on the server login screen.

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