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Tower of Fantasy: All Big Rat Locations

The rat may be tricky and elusive but, nothing beats those who are granted with knowledge.




The new update of the Tower of Fantasy brought more places to explore and more vicious monsters to take down. Among the seven new bosses that came in with the new update alongside the Artificial Islands, the Big Rat proved to be quite troublesome.

Apart from being a high-level opponent, the Big Rat has several places from which he can be spawned. This takes a big part in making it harder to catch and defeat the Big Rat. Considering the big of a mass the world of Tower of Fantasy is, it could be deemed as a daunting mission to try to look for the Big Rat all over this open world, relying on the luck of finding it.

Particularly, there are five locations where you can find it. Here’s some tip for you with the hope of you, defeating the boss easier.

All Possible Locations of Big Rat

The first on the list of possible locations wherein you can locate the Type 12 Security Droid—the Big Rat—is the Mine Base. Specifically, this boss could be found on the platform within the base.

If, unfortunately, the Big Rat was not located there, you could next try going to the Southeast of the Ring Arena which is actually very near a body of water. In case that the odds seem to be not working in your favor and it is still undetected, checking the South of the Puddled Lake, is suggested. The small camp by the West of Eyrie could also be where the boss resides.

Luck can be quite evasive and might pull some jokes on you sometimes. Thinking that the Big Rat is still not found despite checking three places that would, of course, leaves you only last two options. The last two of the fives possible places to find the Big Rat are the camp site near the Sea Gate Passage, standing by the edge of the spiral staircase; and within the perimeters of Rusty iron Camp.

As another boss at Level 70, the spear-wielding Big Rat, won’t be so easy to eliminate. However, defeating it would be a name off your target list. You will also be rewarded with Exp points, receive Type S12 Security Drod Big Rat Achievement, and could hopefully gather some rare drops from its defeat.

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