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Tower of Fantasy: How to Use Rapid Repair Device

Dive into our guide on how to use the Rapid Repair Device in Tower of Fantasy.




Today, Tower of Fantasy is one of the most popular action RPG games where you play in an open world, with other players around the world.

You can find this game on Steam or download it for your Android or iOS mobile phones through the Google Play Store.

In this fantastic game, you will discover an exotic world, you will have to meet dangerous bosses that you have to defeat in order to win valuable prizes while simultaneously solving quests and following the storyline.

If you are ready to explore the planet Aida, install this Tower of Fantasy today.

Without further ado, let’s go to the guide where we will explain how to use Rapid Repair Device in this game.

Tower of Fantasy: Rapid Repair Device – Step by Step Guide

First, you have to visit the Artificial Island, then you have to go to the tent and use Repair Tool Set.

Buy Gift from Crystal Dust Store and use it to repair power supply facility.

After that, you have to go get Institute Key from angry aberrant.

The Institute Key spawns randomly near transmission gates.

Look at the picture below to see the exact location.

Fight the angry aberrant and get the Institute Key.

The next step is to unlock the North Gemini Island teleport.

Use your Institute Key to activate the transmission device.

Nakhon that you unlock the North Gemini island, go to South Gemini island.

Now you have to get a Permission Card: Tyrone.

Climb the big wall and when you get in front of the wall covered with thorns, use your teleport to climb to the top.

You should be able to pick up the pass from a small hiding place at the top.

After that, go to the unlocked the North Gemini island.

From there, you have to travel to the Sea Horizon Stand.

Be prepared for a lot of rock climbing to get to your destination.

There, you must use your Permission Card: Tyrone to activate the transmission device.

Now it’s time to get your hands on the Permission Card: Morris.

You are still at the Sea Horizon Stand.

Get ready to climb until you reach a meadow where you’ll have to kill a few evil enemies before reaching the platform to collect the Pass.

When you pick up the Pass, you have to go to listen to Earwayn Island.

There, when you reach the platform, you must use the Permission Card: Morris to activate the transmission device.

The next step is to find the Permission Card: Damien.

You’ll find it on top of a large iron object with a tank on it.

Now that you have everything you need, you must use the Rapid Repair Device to get to Diurnal Islet.

Use your Permission Card: Damien to activate the transmission device.

That’s it! Hope you enjoy this guide and that you will successfully complete this mission.

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